British Phone Booth Bird Feeder

I was poking around online and came across a bird feeder that looks like a British phone booth. It was over $100 including shipping. I thought to myself, "After making that helmet a bird feed should be easy." 

Challenge accepted.... what did I get myself into? As I started cutting and fitting pieces together I realized this simple little bird feeder has over 60 individual pieces that all need to be fit together in a certain order.

After a week of trial and error I came up with these. Each feeder is made from one 3'x2' sign. My friends and neighbours like them so much that I have made 16 feeders to date.

Here is the feeder in progress. I use Scotch Tape to dry fit everything.

Coroplast British Phone Booth Bird Feeder
I rarely measure when making something new, I kinda wing it.
Experimenting with the best way to do things. Three bird feeders, all different sizes 

Coroplast British Phone Booth Bird Feeder
You have to admit they are cute
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