Glue Gun Holder

This glue gun holder I made from the scraps of another project, which itself was made from garbage. I am single handedly saving the planet by reusing items already recycled. has made this entire process so much easier.

A piece of old coat hanger bent to shape keeps the hot end of the gun off the plastic.

An elevated drip tray in the front catches those annoying drips, coating the tray in tinfoil makes clean up a breeze.

A slot for 12 glue sticks is in the back making refilling quick and easy.

Plus a compartment on the bottom to house the cord while not being used.

This little holder has made working with Coroplast sooooooo much easier. It is easier to work on the projects and easier to clean up when done.

Hot Glue Gun Holder - Coroplast DIY - - Hot Glue Gun Holder - Coroplast DIY - - Hot Glue Gun Holder - Coroplast DIY - -
Hot Glue Gun Holder - Coroplast DIY - - Hot Glue Gun Holder - Coroplast DIY - -

Added 05/17 - after orgiginal post

One of the neat things about working with Coroplast is the ease with which additional items can be added to a project. I made the Glue Gun Holder some time ago. I kept rooting around for my pencil, knife etc so I thought why not add little holders, to the big holder. 
1. I added a holder for my box cuter, extra blades, pencil, marker and angle cutting jig
2. all the slots are angled so it is fast and easy to remove / replace an item. Adding the extra weight to one side made things unstable. I small brace added to the bottom fixed that issue.
3. I even made a holder for my extra cutter blades. they are safe, secure but still easily accessible

1. 2. 3.

4. The drip tray was a great idea but it was hard to clean. Wrapping it in tin foil helped but wasn't ideal
5. So I made a removeable drip tray. It comes off is a second and is really easy to remove the old foil
6. Remove the tray, trhow out the old glue and the tray is back on in under 5 seconds

4. 5. 6.

7. To ensure the foil fits the holder I made a foil cutting jig. To ensure I don't loose the jig I added a holder to the side of holder. Now my glue gun holder is a "Glue Gun / Pencil / Knife / Glue / MArker / Jigs Holder
8. I fold the foil, put the jig on top and cut, it is super simple.

7. 8.
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