Knights Templar Helmet - The First Project

 Here is my first attempt at creating something from Coroplast®.

I made a suit of chain mail armour for Halloween. I also made a chainmail coif but still the costume was lacking something. While I was off for a couple of months due to the Covid19 lockdown I decided to try to make a helmet from an old Coroplast® sign from work.

This is how I make the helmets - How to Make a Cosplay Crusader / Templar Helmet

After a couple of weeks of swearing, cutting my hands with a box cutter, and burning my fingerprints off with a hot glue gun, I came up with this.

Do It Yourself - Knights Templar / Crusader Cosplay Helmet made from recycled plastic
Knights Templar DYI Helmet

The final result turned out pretty good... for a first attempt. I learn from my mistakes, so I know I can do better.

Knights Templar Helmet Created from an Old Plastic Sign
Cosplay Knights Templar
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