More Knights Templar Helmets

Every time I see something I don't like in a crusader helmet I have to male another one to fix the issue. Because I am never satisfied with the results I now have four Knights Templar Crusader helmets recycled from old Coroplast® plastic sheets. Plus I have the helmet reinforced with fiberglass and automotive body fill.

This is how I make the helmets - How to Make a Cosplay Crusader / Templar Helmet

Since I now have five Templar helmets but only one head, if you want to buy one of the extras, make me an offer. I have three to sell.

Knights Templar Crusader Cosplay Helmet made from recycled plastic - Coroplast DIY -
A stack of Knights Templar Crusader helmets made from recycled plastic.
Practice makes perfect. Eventually I'll make the one I want.

Knights Templar Crusader Helmet made from recycled Coroplast sheet plastic. Giving life back to plastic that would have otherwise gone to the landfill - Coroplast DIY - -
Even the stand is made of Coroplast® 
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