How To ... Cut Coroplast®

I received an email asking how I cut the Coroplast®. So I took a few pictures. I hope this helps.

To cut, hold the knife at 45 degrees and lightly run it along the ridge

You don't need to start at an end. The row ridges make cutting a straight line easy.
Just remember to keep the blade at 45 degrees

Cut along both sides and you have hollowed out a row

Sometimes you have to cut across the rows. Its easy if you do it right.
Use a ruler to draw line across the sheet

Always cut in two passes. Trying to do it in one pass makes straight line cuts difficult
Push your knife straight down on the line only hard enough to cut through the top layer.
Once through the first layer, go over the line again to cut all the way through 

Let make an Arch.
Make a relief cut down the middle of each row

Once the relief cuts are made you can make arches or circles

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